A word about car drivers in Bahrain

A legend of Arab the Road Pirate is world widely known, I guess. After over a year in Bahrain I state that… it’s sad true.

That’s short list of my observations.

Blinker is only a decoration, isn’t it?

One of the most irritating behaviours of the drivers, besides also known in Poland. But in Bahrain it’s multiplicated by 100. Seeing a blinker turned on I’m actually surpised that anybody knows how to use it.

Just like a car lights

Here it’s quite better. Most of locals turn it on, but still the percent of those saving car lights is much bigger than in Poland. And I don’t talk about using it during a day, when they’re really useless.

I talk about using it during an evening or night – as a 99% of Bahraini roads are well lighted, some think car lights are then useless just like they are during a day. Stupid is that, especially in a case of a dark car.

Notorious thrusting always and everywhere

That’s already damn irritating. You drive quietly, and than Land Cruiser going some 20 km / h too fast crowds in just on your car’s bonnet. Particularly stupid when connected with the previous two points. + pushing us “I want to go this line, I don’t care you are here, YOU MUST LET ME IN!!!!111oneone

A king of left line

This are doing a lot part of locals – youth in creepy old Chevy and even traditionally clothed boss in new GMC. Women, too. No rule in here. But one’s common – irritates everybody.

A king of both lines

Like that also exists. Drives in a middle of a street and you won’t overtake him if the street has less then three lines, and that’s not hard to find one like this in here. As popular as the king of left.

What about to park one car on two places?

The most popular occurrence, especially in City Center, biggest mall in the country. Seen in few combinations, often in the one, when you park your car in parallel to line dividing two park places, and the line is like 50 centimeters under the car. As popular is the way to park your car “in a curvature” – one wheel on one place, and another wheel on another place.

There’s also a problem of parking on not allowed places. What do you say to leave a car on a rondabout? Or to park on a street and block two properly-standing cars?

Kids in cars. WTF?

The most common problem of Bahraini driving parents is a lack of any critical thinking about carriage of their own kids. Its effect are kids (euphemism alert) moving around the rear seats and / or protruding of windows or sunroof. With no seatbelts weared. Also can be seen kids on parent-pessanger’s knees. Also with no seatbelts.

How to deal with that?

Education, education and education, beacause it’s apparently dead here (what’s seen…). Show the people simulations of accidents, with all the details showing why premature way to heaven isn’t nice.

Beacause are vergins in heaven worth that?